Petty Poetry


Girl with,
Hips of marshmallow
Her hair honey yellow
Clad in a peppermint smile..

Just a,
pinch of bit sour
She´s baked with white flour
Crowned with a cherry on top...

If you make her feel sad
This milkshake will go bad
Maybe spice up with a slice of lemon...

You know that,
The whole package quite sweet...
Find her on trick or treat
This ones filled with the heart of chocolate...

So please,
Come and check out a new trend,
Take a look at this blend
when im with my caramel girlfriend...

- - -


This is a story of a small cute pup
He lived in a family he was loved alot

But then one day basking in the sun
The pup decided to have his own fun

He jumped up and down in aggravation
He jumped until he achieved frustration

Now the pup felt really really sad
So you wonder what made him feel this bad

Well the truth is this i tell you now
The pup hurt his ankle just somehow

Thinking of what would relieve his pain
He had an idea but first he had to loose his chain

Pup managed to release himself in just one tick
He needed a cure fast or he would feel sick

Thinkin that cold would ease this ache
He searched for some water and he found a lake

But the water in the lake was too damn hot
He wanted to stay there no more so he yelled "Not!"

In the far distance pup saw something cool
Was it a drinking place or was it a pool

Pup ran and ran as fast as he could
Here comes the twitch as you knew it would

What pup saw wasnt a lake but it was a well
Pup jumped in drowned and went straight to hell.

- - -


So sweet were her ideas and so was her thought
So sugary her figure that right away I got caught

I did what I could to ensure she was mine.
I blindly believed that everything was fine.

Not much did I know what was going to be
Well soon it happened and now I had to see

My mind left covered with a big ugly stain.
Trying to wash it away left me in such great pain

But what deceived me was that red cherry on top
I did not realize that her inside would soon rot.

So this is how u and me, we came to a halt.
I saw it and tasted ,realized your words were of pure salt.

So, you left me once, then you left me twice
You left me three times and showed your heart was made out of ice

I wish you´re more happier without me on your way
I sincerely hope you feel better, now have a nice day.

You leave me here writing, stabbed in my back is your knife.
I feel sorry that it went this way,i only wanted you in my life.