Who Is He?

Mr.Amazing Grace, Devil Race

Name: Christopher Lee
Birthdate: 3.7
Birthplace: Virginia, Minnesota U.S.A
Nationality: Fin / USA
Hometown: Tampere
Email: Chris@suicideloveboat.com

Good evening.
So, for some reason you have ventured onto my blogsite and especially to the part who I am.

Well. Answer is as simple as it gets. I am Christopher.
From this blog you find info about me, my bands, my lyrics, poetry, my stories (in Fin only at the moment, sorry), and all kinds of stuff.

My time passes by with music, management, bookings and organising events.
Most of the time I like to hang around at the local grocery store called "Amadeus".
You find all sorts of drinks and food from there. And mainly most of my friends and other jolly good people. Jack The Rooster is another place which I find intriguing.

Few things I like:
-Satyricon, Arcturus, Volbeat, and all of my friends bands ( Just to name few, Heijaste, TAP, Amendfoil, Mekanism, etc.)
-Good time with them friends
-Beer, Strawberry sparling water, Milk, 8-pallo
-All the food my mom does
-If I order a pizza, I always take the same fillings: Kebab,ham,paprika and tomatoes.
-My bed + tv + phone + computer (my sanctuary / office)
-Batmud / games
-My apartment
-Jackass / Dirty Sanchez type of humour
-Many many many more things in life which make me happy.

Things I dont like so much:
-My phone ringing _CONSTANTLY_
-Early wake-ups
-Stupid people / arrogant people
-Cider / Wine / Champagne
-SEAFOOD (absolutely no seafood. Nothing that comes from rivers,lakes,seas, etc.)
-Cats (sorry cat lovers but I just dont get along with them animals)

Few things im related to workwise:
Jack The Rooster
Amadeus Music Bar
Trevolution Events
Chilifest & Chilirock
The Great Waterfight of Tampere
Rock Science Finland
Kukkona Tunkiolla band competition
Under The Bridge Acoustic band competition
+ many many other gigs, shows, events, festival and more.

Come check me and my band playing live, visit an event of mine or just come say hi to a bar or some other kind of place. On the "See me doing the disco duck" part I add events and places where im going. Quackvarium say I.
See u in Real Life.