See Me Do The Disco Duck!

12.6 Estonia booze pick-up!

14.6 Suicide Love Boat vs. Trash Video cook-out vol 2 @ Lavajärvi

19-22.6 Hosting at Nummirock midsummer metal festival

27-28.6 Hosting at Provinssirock festival

29.6 Hosting at Tuska Festival + managing Amendfoil for Tuska fest

3.7 Celebrating my birthday @ Tampere

5.7 Having my bday party @ Tampere. Most likely Amadeus and Jack The Rooster

16-19.7 Tammerfest. Producing Tammerfest Goes Viikinsaari on friday 18th. on Sat im getting drunk.

25-27.7 Hosting @ Kuopiorock, Kuopio

15-17.7 Producing & hosting Chilifest Finland / Chilirock @ Tampere

25.10 Producing and hosting a massive rock cruise on Silja Line, Ms. Baltic Princess.

31.10 Halloween! Most likely in Ireland, jeij!